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keeping us on the road

Image of Kristin Easter - Owner

Kristin Easter


I have to say that we’re all pretty happy here at Tap 29, however, there are days when there’s a little bit more pep in our steps.  The giggles are a little bit more frequent, and there’s just an energy about the brewery----that’s Kristin. 

Kristin can be described in three little letters: joy. Her ready smile and infectious laugh are as much a part of her persona as are her fashion sense,

two incredible children, and Yooper accent.

She acquired that accent naturally by growing up in the upper peninsula Michigan and later graduating from the University of Wisconsin with a degree in Interior Design.   

Kristin inspires us each day to enjoy life and cherish what is precious in our lives.  We love you Kristin........

don’t ya knooooooow!

IMage of Brad Hansen - Brewmaster

Brad Hansen


Brad has been a home brewer longer than

he has been a professional winemaker. 

From his first beer kit in the 1980’s while in college,

Brad has had a love-affair with brewing. A self-proclaimed “flavor nerd”, Brad revels his evolution into the world of craft brewing.  “I love the play with recipes to push and refine characteristics which express a myriad of flavors with each beer.

"My constant endeavor to convey this infusion of flavors and environment in a glass is a passion I hope all will appreciate.”  FYI—Brad holds the Hansen family record for “20 Questions” on road trips!

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