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Pit Stop Pilsner

A light, crisp lager crafted in the style of a Belgian Pilsner. 

3.8% Alc.  28 IBU

Amber Waves

Notes of biscuit & toffee with mildly roasted barley malt.

4.2% Alc.  33 IBU 

Big Wheels Wheat

A mix of Pale Ale and White Wheat. 

4.1% Alc.  16 IBU

Blacktop Stout

A breakfast milk stout brew 

8.6% Alc.  88 IBU

Are We There Yet IPA

This American IPA is a citrus bomb with a blend of 2-row Pale Ale and Pilsner malt.  

5.2% Alc.  65 IBU

Beach Trip Margarita Gose

A refreshing zippy blend of lime, agave and malt, with a pinch of sea salt. 5.7% Alc.  22 IBU

Beach Trip Margarita Gose

A refreshing zippy blend of lime, agave and malt, with a pinch of sea salt. 5.7% Alc.  22 IBU

Margarita Gose Slushie 

A zippy blend of lime, Blue Agave, Malt and a pinch of Sea Salt. Made with our Beach Trip Margarita Gose beer

Highway to Helles

Helles Lager Our Helles (pronounced Hell-us) is an easy-drinking Golden Lager that will take you right to the Bavarian Beer Halls.

5.20% Alc.  22 IBU 

Double Wide IPA

A big American Double IPA. A hop explosion!

9.1% Alc.  96 IBU


Paddy's Wagon Irish Red Ale

An authentic, easy drinking red ale with a unique maltiness, touch of sweetness and a crisp finish

   4.6% Alc.  24 IBU

Hitchhiker Blonde

Refreshing summer ale, lighter than a Pale Ale with a nice balance and slight melon notes. 

4.7% Alc.  20 IBU 

The typical American road trip is the stuff of legend.  Whether it’s record breaking stanzas of “99 bottles of beer on the wall” or teeth clenching choruses of “Are we there yet?” from the backseat, Tap 29 Virginia Brewery draws on the American spirit and its need for movement, open roads, and adventure.  With hand-crafted beers with names like Pit Stop Pilsner, Big Wheels Wheat, and Amber Waves, we make beers for everyone and every trip. We’re the perfect “Pit Stop”—bring your friends; bring your family—two and four legged ones; grab some food; take in our views as well as the brews.  


Inspired by the vast agricultural resources and beauty of the Piedmont region of Virginia, Tap 29 is a small Virginia farm brewery known for crafting beer around a singular philosophy of using unique, locally sourced ingredients and hands-on techniques.  The blessing that the brewery is located right on one of the few remaining US highways which still meanders through small towns, historic battlefields, beau colic hayfields, and breathtaking views of the Blue Ridge Mountains roused in us the vision of creating beers dedicated to that inevitable spirit in all of us to see, to taste, to experience....to Create!


We work with local farmers for ingredients like honey and barley.  Hops are grown on-site and the grain is milled at our brewery with roasting at different levels to impart color, body, and flavor to each brew.  For brew master Brad Hansen, brewing is a labor of love steeped in history and community collaboration. Each beer reflects his passion for layers of flavor and aroma to refine the characteristics of hops, grain, yeast, and water.


We hope that you will “tap” into our love of the adventurous spirit which “drives” us all to savor and enjoy the views and brews in this crazy road trip called life!

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Since the beginning, Americans have been obsessed with traveling the highways and byways on a never-ending adventure of exploration.

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